SAPP Partners: Capturing Market Opportunity

Who We Are

Sapp Partners is a real estate investment firm focused on the burgeoning multi-family residential real estate industry. The firm is poised to capitalize on the unique opportunity present in the apartment investment sector, targeting assets in the Class B, and Class C apartment communities of the midwest, south, and southwest, U.S. markets. Sapp Partners will leverage two key indicators for success: 60 years of real estate experience, with a golden market opportunity...

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"I am impressed with the team you've built and the process you are following. We are looking for transactions for you daily. We will find the right projects for this fund."

-David, Alexander Forrest Investments, LLC

Blackstone to Buy Stakes in Apartment Complexes From GE Unit

Blackstone has agreed to buy majority stakes in about 80 apartment complexes from the financing arm of GE. View the full article on the Wall Street Journal. … READ MORE

Optimism for Apartments Sector for 2013

If we make it over the fiscal cliff, good times may be ahead for apartment builders—though that’s a big “if.” “Assuming current trends hold, over the rest of this decade, we will need at least 300,000 new apartments annually, and possibly as many as 400,000, to meet demand,” says Mark … READ MORE